05.08.24 | 15:17 PM
文化是一套价值观、习俗和社会实践,帮助人们感觉与自己和社区联系在一起。 品牌可以投资文化,为文化提供平台,放大文化,与文化合作,提升文化。但创造文化的不是品牌,而是人。我们是怎么知道的?
Culture is a set of values, conventions and social practices that help people feel connected to themselves and their community. Brands can invest in culture, give culture a platform, amplify culture, partner with culture, and elevate culture. But brands do not create culture, people do. How do we know? Anthropology is the study of humanity, related cultures, societies, linguistics and other human interests. Anthropologist estimate that people began creating culture at least 300,000 years ago when they started to move across
geographies and away from centralized norms. New geographies meant new experiences, ways of living and even exposure to new technology that allowed them to mix and remix culture.